Week 3 of Being Self- Directed- Just Thinking

 On this the journey of being a self directed thinker I ponder “community.”

the little rascals

Consider this:


There are those who profess the Resurrection message, but do they really?  My son who has mental illness will not walk into a certain church, because it is there he is treated as if he is  “invisible.”    Is one really living the Resurrection message when they only greet, love or acknowledge a friend?  What of the stranger that passes you by?  What of the elder?  What of the one who is physically handicapped?  What of the person who is mentally ill?

do a little bit of good

Maybe someone who is reading this will do good for one  for another; perhaps even a stranger or one who is “invisible.”

May there be Peace in your Life this day!


Week 2 of Being Self Directed – Looking Back and Beyond

Hello my dear friend, it has been two weeks since I have contributed to the blog and feel a  yearning to connect with one and all.  I wonder who out there is listening?!  I have enjoyed the immensely powerful experience of the Master Key System with the Mark J, the world’s laziest networker and his wife the Faboulous Davene.  Technically speaking I have graduated and past the course, but NOW WHAT!    Although we are on our own, I long to be back in the groove again.  So this blog is that faithful step, to put it out there in the universe.  Within the past days I have been rereading, THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM.  I also have pondering reflections from the book, ONENESS WITH ALL LIFE, written by Eckart Tolle.

a new earth

Interestingly enough, I have experienced some anxiety and stress this past week, perhaps it’s growing pains.  Groping to find my way on a road that is not yet charted.  Tolle simply comments;  ” Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose.  You have forgotten that your state of consciousness, is primary, all else is secondary.”

eckhardt tole

Consider these words from Tolle:  “Why do anxiety, stress, or negativity arise?  Because  you turned away from the present moment.  And why did you do that?  You thought something else was more important.  You forgot your main purpose.  One small error, one misconception, creates a world of suffering.”

Haanel writes in part nine;   If you wish to change condition you must change yourself. ….. Suppose, then we desire to change conditions, how are we to bring this about?  The reply is simply:  By the law of growth. … Hold in mind the condition desire; affirm it as already existing fact…. By constant repetition it becomes a part of ourselves.  We are actually changing ourselves; are making ourselves what we want to be.

As I write I am reminded what I must do for myself and this my friend is what you can do as well.  The key we must return to is visualization.  So how do we capture visualization?  We capture it in our imagination, in our “sit’s,” in our stillness, in our silence.

Until we meet again, may your stillness be a blessing!


Week 24 – Power Beyond Measure is the Master Key


beethovan and practice

Here within is simply an outpouring of God’s Love and Mercy-

For much of this week I have been silently concentrating upon what it is that actually moves me to tears when I ponder, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s, Moonlight Sonata. (Check out last week’s blog post, as this was my topic.)  Actually the “sit” begins with the piece actually being performed within in my mind. moonligh musical score

I can see the keys on the piano and I can actually hear the music.  After a while, I come to a place of meeting once again that 19 year old woman

kris handbells christmas

  (This is me in my young twenties prepared to perform in hand bell choir.)  who performed Moonlight Sonata long, long ago.  After a while longer I picture my spirit meeting with the spirit of GOD all while the piece is performing in my mind.kingdom of heaven in your heart

My mind then wanders to these words from THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM,   Men have heretofore, generally used the word “God” to indicate this Universal, creative principle; but the word “God” does not convey the right meaning.  Most people understand this word to mean something outside of themselves; while exactly the contrary is the fact.  It is our very life.   Without it we would be dead.  We would cease to exist.  The minute the spirit leaves the body, we are as nothing.  Therefore, spirit is really all there is of us. 

I do know that these words are in fact, truth, because it is at this junction point in the sit I am mindful of my mother’s last moments.  You see I did not make it to her bed side prior to her passing.  I was actually still traveling to her.  Once I arrived to my mother’s room there her body lied and the spirit within her was gone.   1954 Mom with baby kris

(Pictured here is my mother, it is 1954 and she is holding me in her arms. )    Charles Haanel goes on to state:

Now, the only activity which the spirit possesses is the power to think.  Therefore, thought must be creative, because spirit is creative……. When the truth of this statement is realized, understood, and appreciate, you will have come into possession of the Master Key.”

So it is I have come in touch with the spirit within and that spirit has come in touch the Infinite Spirit, the Universal Mind.  This spirit is omnipresent.  It exists in everything.  It exists everywhere.  In other words, there is not place where is not.  It is … Universal.

Funny isn’t it? The spirit of which I have spent 40 years searching for has been there all along.  Right there inside of me.  It has taken these 26 weeks to remove the clutter and cob webs hidden in the deep recesses of the mind.  The truth has been there all along and I can see it clearly now.    I can now truthfully say;  It is not I that doeth the works, but the ‘Father’ that dwelleth within me.  He doeth the works. You will come to know that the “Father” is  the Universal Mind and that He does really and truly dwell within you.

“I will go Lord, if you lead me.  I will hold your people in my heart.”


Week 23 – Powerful Beyond Measure

Last week I opened my blog post with a link to meditation you tube link.    Silence, after all, had been the topic and thrust of the week.  The music within this link was Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Opus #27 in C# minor.  Click the link to listen as you read. (Why the picture doesn’t show up I don’t know.)

This piece continues to stir up power beyond measure within me.  Actually this piece is significant as it a piece he composed at a time he was growing increasingly deaf.  Imagine a successful pianist, composer, musician,  losing the ability to hear his own music!!!!  Beethoven would cut off the legs of a piano to have it closer to the floor.  He would then lie on the floor, so he could feel the vibrations of his own music.  Do know this, the music did sing in his heart.  He heard it in his thoughts and mind.  It was the creative power of thought, the vital force, the Infinite Spirit singing to him.


 It is actually quite difficult for me this evening to gain the composure to write what is upon my heart.   As each time I have listened to the Moonlight Sonata I  weep.  beethovan and tear in the eye of a woman

 You see, I am nearing 60 years old, but when I listen to this piece I am the young woman, 19 years old performing this piece.  Yes, I actually performed the first and second movements.  It took well over a year of practicing day in and day out, hours and hours; but, these moments were moments when God truly spoke to me.  These moments of practice were my moments of silence during the chaotic emotional days of young adulthood.  

striving Beethovan

It is when we reach these decade marks of a birthday, we look back,  my birthday is not for another couple months, but this the Master Key System course will draw to a close and yet, another chapter of the book of my life will open up.  When I look back, I see someone, who was never quite satisfied, I see someone who was always seeking, striving, to do more, to be more, BUT, some how, life got in the way with it’s bumps and bruises.   I saw myself doing the awful rowing toward God.    God had a way of opening doors for me when several windows had been shut tight; and once again, I felt like the young woman of 19, but this time I was in the course, the journey through the Master Key System.  master key system

The journey had renewed my spirit and has enabled to set the sails of the course and chart the destination the direction in which my life shall go.  Yes,  I still am rowing toward God.  It’s God’s chart and I set the sails to maneuver the wind of HIS breath.    My tool box is fully equipped, packed  and I am almost ready to go.

beethovan and practice

Week 22A – The Sound that comes with Silence



We, who have been traveling through the Master Key Master Mind Experience were challenged by Mark J and the Fabulous Davene to find a large block of time of SILENCE.  I enjoy being a little old fashioned, so I have opened the Webster Dictionary and looked up the word silence.  It is defined as follows:

1.  The condition or quality of being or keeping still and silent.  2.  The absence of sound; stillness.  3.  A period of time without speech or noise.   4.  Refusal or failure to speak out.  To make silent or bring to silence; silence the crowd.  To curtail the expression of, suppress.

shutting out words.

Finding a space in time that is empty of television, cell phones, computer, internet, face book, people, clocks and more can be rather a challenge.  This exercise has been no exception.  In the past I have completed silent retreats where I did not speak for four days.  As it was next to impossible to do that within the next few weeks, I choose to participate in what was defined as a “Desert Day” silent retreat at the convent of the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood.   ( At one time, a high school staffed by the nuns was located on the campus.  This is where my daughter attended high school.  It has since closed.)


The challenge of this self directed retreat was to meditate on the scripture of the day, LECTIO DIVINA.  This is Latin meaning a traditional Benedictine practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and increase knowledge of God’s word.   Readings on this day were centered on Jonah chapter two.   Interesting isn’t it, I come with no agenda and God’s calls me to reflect on Jonah’s prayer asking to save him while he is stuck in the belly of a whale!

jonah in the belly

Out of my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me; From the midst of the nether world I cried for help, and you heard my voice.   (Jonah 2:1) 

If one to step back and look around, couldn’t you define many people like Jonah.    I can.  Can you think of people refusing to listen to God, running away, getting thrown out and about in the raging sea and swallowed into the belly of a whale!   I can.   I sat for a long, long time thinking.  Meanwhile I heard a soothing water foundation in the background with water flowing.  I heard tree branches tapping a window pane.  I saw the sun shining through a window pane as a prism of light.  I closed my eyes for a time and later opened them reflecting upon the blessed sacrament.  I closed my eyes again listening to the ticking clock and later opened my eyes staring at the cross.    Long, long periods of silence, long periods of tapping, long periods of ticking.

god speaks in silence

I believe God spoke to me whispering ever so faintly in my heart.  Shh… no noise please.  So what did God say?  Let me quote some words from James Allen, AS A MAN THINKETH.  ”  Achievement, of whatever kind, is the crown of effort, the diadem of thought.  By the aid of self-control, resolution, purity, righteousness, and well-directed thought a man asscends  {is spit out of the belly of the whale} ; but the aid of animality, indolence, impurity, corruption, and confusion of thought a man descends {into the belly of the whale}.  …. A strong man cannot help a weaker unless that weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another.”  

jonah about to be swallowed

  I will not share the details, but there is an individual in our lives right now who is sitting in the belly of the whale, God let me know in absolute terms that I cannot help him unless he asks for my help.  So what do I do, I watch and wait until this individual cries out.  I wait.  I am, after all, a simple foot soldier for God. 

sometimes silence

The day of silence was refreshing and I walked away serene and peaceful.  Yet before I left for the day, God had more to say to me.  Again, I quote from James Allen;  “The vision that you glorify in your mind, the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart- this you will build your life by, this you will become.”

the internet monk

I interpret it to mean that all that I have done through these 22 weeks to visualize my definite major purpose will become reality.  My task is to simple wait as new paths, generous support and the world of abundance and possibilities come to fruition.

“In silence of the heart God speaks.  if you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you.  Then you will know that you are nothing.  It is only when you realize your nothingness,  your emptiness, that God can fill you with Himself.  Souls of prayer are souls of great silence.”

Mother Theresa

mother theresa

Week 22 – The Master Mind Alliance Experience — What it is and What it isn’t!

Several events within the past week have stirred me to re-visit the concept of the Master Mind Alliance Experience.   The first centers around the last weekend – a St. Louis Real Estate Expo.  This event was organized primarily by my real estate business coach,  Laura Al-Amery.  There were presenters from all the country speaking within their area of expertise, topics ranged from “A to Z” on investing within the real estate market.    This was a high caliber, well organized and informative event aimed at the seasoned pro to the newbie investor.  From time to time,  I found it interesting to hear the phrase “master mind alliance”  roll off the tongues of individuals as if it was some kind of cliche.  It was obvious to me that some individuals do not understand the definition of a true master mind alliance.

definition mma

Napoleon Hill devoted an entire chapter within the book, THINK AND GROW RICH, to this concept, as it is critical for the success of an individual in any endeavor.  Some of the highlights for those of you outside of the Master Key experience are below.

First:  Adopt a  definite purpose as an object to be obtained by the alliance, choosing individuals whose education, experience and influence are such as to make them of the greatest value in achieving that purpose.   This isn’t a group to simply chat; and certainly don’t choose people because you know them and like them.  Need a great example?  Check out OCTOBER SKY!


Second:  Determine what appropriate benefit each member may receive in return for his cooperation in the alliance.  If the desire is for material wealth, or profit, be willing to divide it with those who help you.  Be not only fair, but generous with them, and the more generous you are with them, the more help you will get from them.  Hill mentions the principle of going the extra mile.  He also remarks;  “… what a pity that not all businessmen know about that!”

mma in business

Third:  Establish a definite place where the members will meet.  The round table discussion should be the place where everyone meets, and where each member may speak with confidence.   Contact should be regular and frequent.   Indefiniteness on this point, or utter neglect, will bring defeat.

image of master mind alliance at table

Fourth:  It is the burden of the leader of the alliance to see that harmony among all members is maintained and that action is continuous in the pursuit of the definite major purpose.

Fifth:  The watch word of the alliance should be definiteness of purpose, positiveness of plan, backed by continuous perfect harmony.   The major strength consists of the perfect blending of the mind of all members.

off to land of oz

We who are in the Master Key Course;  and, there are over 200 of us, know full well what the definition of a Master Mind Alliance.   Not only have we been required to establish a master mind alliance in our own home turf, but we have, as a group, been required to contribute weekly in the “alliance” area at the Master Key Master Mind Alliance website. (It’s for members only)  There in the alliance we contribute, make suggestions, encourage, share insights and epiphanies, successes, ask questions and overall applaud one another.  At first it was a requirement, it still is, but, we have learned through a variety of ways the importance of acting together in one accord as a group and in perfect harmony.  This week was not exception.

I was deeply moved this week by a contribution from one of our members.  She was sharing a story of what had happened in her life- a single, recently divorced mother of two children.  Her “ex” had called her and verbally attacked her on the phone, it was  an abusive, violent and uncontrollable attack that left her unable to sleep.  This individual has been a stellar student of the MKMMA course and took to heart all the lessons she has learned these twenty two  weeks.  The day following the incident she wrote in the alliance area that she sent communication to her ex-husband that she no longer wished to be exposed to his negativity and that going forward she would only speak to him in a business relationship manner and only on pertinent issues related to the children.  There have been an outpouring of comments from others in the alliance area, comments from people from all walks of life, comments from people from all corners of the earth.  It has been a powerful experience in the beauty and power of a true master mind alliance.  Comments applauding this woman for her courage, to dare to make a difference in the life of her children and herself.  The experience took my breath away.

In scroll six of THE GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD, we have been reading daily:

Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces this action to control his thoughts….. Today I will be master of my emotions.

This woman? She is the living, breathing example that she is the master of her emotions.

Most Lovingly,


master of emotion

Week 21 – The Golden Buddha

 This post recounts the the story of the GOLDEN BUDDHA,  adapted by Jack Canfield, author of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL.

chicken soup for the soul

Back in 1957 a group of monks from a monastery had to relocate a clay Buddha from their temple to a new location. The monastery was to be relocated to make room for the development of a highway through Bangkok. When the crane began to lift the giant idol, the weight of it was so tremendous that it began to crack. What’s more, rain began to fall. The head monk, who was concerned about damage to the sacred Buddha, decided to lower the statue back to the ground and cover it with a large canvas tarp to protect it from the rain.

stone image of buddha

Later that evening the head monk went to check on the Buddha. He shined his flashlight under the tarp to see if the Buddha was staying dry. As the light reached the crack, he noticed a little gleam shining back and thought it strange. As he took a closer look at this gleam of light, he wondered if there might be something underneath the clay. He went to fetch a chisel and hammer from the monastery and began to chip away at the clay. As he knocked off shards of clay, the little gleam grew brighter and bigger. Many hours of labor went by before the monk stood face to face with the extraordinary solid-gold Buddha.

coveredd cement parts buddha

Historians believe that several hundred years before the head monk’s discovery, the Burmese army was about to invade Thailand (then called Siam). The Siamese monks realizing that their country would soon be attacked covered their precious golden Buddha with an outer covering of clay in order to keep their treasure from being looted by the Burmese. Unfortunately, it appears that the Burmese slaughtered all the Siamese monks, and the well-kept secret of the golden Buddha remained intact until that fateful day in 1957.

What is the metaphor in this story?  Each of us is golden by nature at birth, we are each nature’s greatest miracle, we are connected to our bliss, and we are one with Christ.   Then we grow up a bit, go to school, learn about what boys’ do, what girls do, what white people do and what black people do.  Sometime between the ages of 6 and 10 we develop a casing (armor) around us, so we become the stone Buddha.  We grow up so more and something comes along to crack the casing – a divorce, a financial set back, an illness or injury.  This scares us and bugs us, and guess what a piece of the stone is knocked off.  In that moment, the stone (armor) is chipped away and we can see the gold inside.  From that point on, you will never be satisfied and you want to chip and pick away at the stone.  Because when you uncover the gold your brilliance will shine!

golden buddha image

You, my friend, who has read my many weeks of blogs through the journey of the Master Keys, has indeed uncovered the Golden Buddha within.  Like you I have  learned that this is the heroes journey.  This is a journey of moving from an unsatisfied life to a satisfied life, a journey to brilliantly shine.  A journey to become more vibrant, alive and definitely much happier.

My entry is rather short this week and I am actually using some content I will be using this week end.  I will be presenting at a seminar.  This actually is a step in actualizing my personal pivotal need – recognition for creative expression.  This, too, is one of my SMART goals which oddly enough is highlighted in the “yellow square.”  I woke up one night this week realizing that the gold within me is shining.  I sense the outpouring of God’s Love and Mercy. 

Until next week, I send you thoughts of Love and Peace.