Week 18 – Happiness and the Hero’s Journey

hero's journey call

Through out the journey of the Master Key System, Mark, Davene, Heather and Trish have emphasized again and again  the hero’s journey.    You may be asking yourself, “what is the hero’s journey?”    Joseph Campbell  studied over 4000 years of mythology from every corner of the world.   It was he who identified the hero’s journey.   Though the settings, the characters and outcomes were all different, there within each narrative was a  common thread connecting  each story.  Interestingly enough, the threads that connected one story to an another is actually the story of  our human experience, the stories of our past, the stories of our present and the stories that will evolve tomorrow.   The heroes are near and far.  The heroes are next door.  Want some classic examples?  Watch:  Harry Potter, Star Wars or The Wizard of Oz.

Campbell identified “…  the hero as one who ventures forth from the world of common days into a region of supernatural wonder:  fabulous forces are encountered and decisive victory is won:  the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with power to bestow boons on fellow man.”    The hero  sacrifices something of himself to a cause greater than himself.   Because this description of the hero’s journey is from Wikipedia, I got the dictionary out as I had never heard of the word, “boon” before.   “Boon” is defined as  a benefit bestowed especially in response to a request; a timely blessing, benefit.  Hmm.. interesting.

I am awakening to the hero that lies within me.   I have pondered the question proposed by Mark; “What am I pretending not to know?”  When I first heard this I stopped dead in my tracks.  Then I sat and thought about the answer to this question for a day or two. What has troubled me  all along was the my lack of happiness.  Why am I unhappy.  I knew intellectually that no possession, no place, no experience, no perfect job,  no one person could  ever make me feel happy.  Yet, here I was playing tricks with my mind and saying to myself; “… Kris you can be happy once you achieve your pin level, once you achieve your goal of six more buildings..”  Who was I kidding? …only myself!    No more do I give in to this faulty way of thinking.  I give myself permission to let go!  (Trish, if you are reading this thank YOU for sharing your story as it WAS my story!)

This week has been rather exhilarating.  To get happiness, you have to give happiness, right???!!!.  So every encounter has genuinely been one of happiness.  Amazing thing, I would end each conversation with the bank teller, the grocery store clerk, a tenant – BE HAPPY!  I have watched people’s facial expressions turn to zeal, joy and enthusiasm.  Pretty incredible….

This morning I was interviewing a prospective individual to be a tenant in one of my rental units.  I was so impressed with the sparkle in her eye, the smile on her face, the erectness in her posture, the stride in her walk.  Rosemary was a happy woman.  Here was happiness greeting me on a sunny, bitter, cold day!  How lovely…  We talked for a long while, and I learned that she was a costume designer and seamstress for the Contemporary Arts Center within our city.  Right here in front of me stood a woman who was following her bliss, living her dream, doing was she loved to do.  It was an instant connection.

walt whitman and john burroughs

 John Burroughs once wrote; ..” blessed is the [wo]man who has some congenial work, some occupation in which he can put his heart, and which affords a complete outlet to all the forces there are in him.”

john burroughs with children

happiness, purpose quote

Like so many others who lived the good life, Burroughs felt in later years the need to share his philosophy with others, to pass on his secret of happiness.  “Keep the currents moving,” he urged.  “Don’t let life stagnate.”  Today he is perhaps as well remembered for his reflections on happiness as his for his poems and essays.   Many, many years ago I came across this book, LIGHT FROM MANY LAMPS, copy right 1951.  This is a treasured book in my library.  Time and Time again I have referred to it. This paragraph is a reference once again to this lovely book that has worn thin on my shelf from much use.    The most fitting quote to conclude this week’s blog post is this:  “The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”  (Joseph Addison)   

Until next week, Be Happy!


P.S.  Thank you Rosemary for the inspiration for my blog post!


3 thoughts on “Week 18 – Happiness and the Hero’s Journey

  1. Arnold Hella says:

    What a great blog post….Filled with wisdom.

  2. To get happiness, you have to give happiness. 🙂

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