Week 18 – Courage

13 virtues

Early in the New Year Mark J., the world’s laziest networker and his wife the fabulous Davene had each of us in the MKMMA course focus on observing 13 virtues.  This exercise is defined as the Franklin Makeover, as these virtues were first articulated by Benjamin Franklin.

ben franklin

The virtue I have elected to observe this week is COURAGE.    In essence, the assignment is to observe acts of courage in your environment – media, friends, family, pets, on the street, in a book or in your self.  I’m sure you get the idea.    Courage can be defined as:  The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self possession and resolution; bravery.  Often when one thinks of courage they may think of slaying the dragons,

winning the gold in the Olympics,

leaping from tall buildings in a single bound,



aiding a comrade during battle who is in harm’s way.

Another example of courage, is moral courage.  Click  to learn more below.

As I have progressed through 18 weeks of the MASTER KEY SYSTEM,  I  like my other comrades in the Master Key Course have come to see courage uniquely.  One has to have courage when they take the leap of faith and choose to be hero within, because everything and everyone in the world will go to all cost to distract you.   I may not be a Nick Vujicici –


I am not even a Malala Yousafzai


Definitely not Anne Frank-

anne Frank


I am nature’s greatest miracle….. so long as there is breath in me, that long I shall persist….. I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life…. that all problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise…. I am not deceived….. For I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose.  In the past I have not considered this fact, but it henceforth shapes and guides my life.  I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Being brave is just acting in faith.  How have you shown courage?


P.S.  Just adding a little humor, I took the leap of faith and learned how to embed a video in my blog this week! LOL



Week 17 – An Everyday Hero, Bill Porter

combination of thought and love

” We of the twentieth century worship a God of Love in theory, but in practice we make for ourselves ‘graven images’ of wealth, power, fashion, custom, and conventionality. We fall down before them and worship them.  We concentrate on them and they are externalized in our lives.  The student who masters the contents of Part Seventeen will not mistake the symbols for the reality; he will be interested in the causes, rather than effects.  He will concentrate on the realities of life, and will then not be disappointed in the result.”  Charles Haanel

As a part of our Master Key System experience weeks ago Mark J and the Fabulous Davene assigned us to watch four movies–  OCTOBER SKY; COOL RUNNINGS, RUDY; and, DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN.    As we watched each movie we were encouraged to identify four tiny habits.    They are:  1.)  A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for it’s fulfillment.   2. ) A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.  3. ) A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.  4.) Friendly {Mastermind}, alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.  Within a week we as a family watched the first three movies, but  DOOR TO DOOR was delayed and we only received yesterday (1/22).

As I was reading and re-reading part seventeen of THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM this week, I often reflected back to Dr. Martin Luther King’s words as I posted in week 16.what are you doing for others !I was looking for an everyday hero,  even did some research on line.  But lo behold, my son and I watched DOOR TO DOOR this evening as the rest of the family was out.  The Law of Growth was working!  The Law of Growth is defined as:  Whatever we think about grows;  What we forget atrophies.    In addition, the Law of Subconscious was working as well!!  


SMILING FACEThe Law of Subconscious can be defined “As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand – accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.”

 Bill Porter was my topic for week 17!   His life reflected the everyday hero I was searching for.

bill porter

Bill Porter was a door-to-door salesman for the Watkins Company for over 45 years.   In fact, he was the top selling salesman and won many awards for sales ability.   He was a man born with cerebral palsy who experienced difficulty walking and talking.  The state considered him unemployable, but Porter was fiercely independent and refused to accept disability from the State.  Porter wasn’t rich nor was he  a celebrity, he didn’t have any special powers.  He lived in anonymity until 1995 when an Oregon Reporter published a story about Bill Porter’s life.   As a result of the outpouring from the story,  ABC caught wind of Porter and featured him on 20/20.    The movie paints a picture of Porter’s life- the everyday hero, the door to door salesman  who conquered obstacles in spite of his handicap.

bill porter 2

When the credits were finally finished, my son and I sat  silently  in the family room.    You see my son was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder in 2005, at the time he was 19.  My son knows all too well the obstacles, challenges and negatively that Bill Porter experienced, because, he too, has faced the same.    My son, however, does not give up, or give in.  Bill Porter is an  everyday hero, who had the blessing and good fortune to see his life portrayed in a movie.  My  son Allen is my unsung hero.  He is the reason why I do what I do every day.

I am going close with the final paragraph from my press release-

At last we return to the dream planted in my heart long ago. God asked me to beacon of light and love in our son’s lifelong dark tunnel.  In good times and bad I have always returned to this one moment in my mind’s eye.  On the journey I have come to learn that the trappings of the world really don’t measure success.  What I have learned is that we are all created on purpose with a purpose:  to become who you were designed to be and have a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.  Touching the heart of one has always been my primary mission.  The rest is simply an outgrowth of God’s Love and Mercy, The Infinite Spirit, The Universal Mind that exists within.  Praise be to our Lord and King!

This past Monday evening my husband, Al, who is in back row with a black and white shirt, and I went to the apartment of some of our residents.  We’re building community with a pizza night.  Actually this event connects to my definite main purpose statement and press release.  What are we doing?  Touching the heart of one.  The rest? Is simply an outpouring of God’s Love.    Standing from left to right is Carrie, Chris, Al and my son, Allen.  Kneeling on left is Brian and Charles on the right.  The individuals in this picture are unsung heroes like my son.  They are the “Bill Porter’s” within our life, who are conquering challenges each and every day.


 Until next week, as Joel Osteen would say; ” [Keep] discover[ing] the Champion within you.!”


P.S.  Almost forgot to share this,  Bill Porter recently died at the age of 81 years on December 3, 2013

Week 16 – The Master Key and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

master key system

Wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing an end.
Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which his is willing to strive….. there must be a definite fixed purpose, an ideal.  (Charles Haanel)

success keysI am not sure what I am going to write about this week.  It seems I have been on a roller coaster of emotions, old messages have found their way to creep into my mind.  Today, however, I pulled out all ‘stops,’ and got back on track.

I have found it fascinating to read:  “The man of success is the man possessed of the greatest spiritual understanding and every great fortune comes of superior and truly spiritual power…. The power to create depends entirely upon [this] spiritual power; idealization, visualization and materialization.”

spirtual power from god

Weeks ago I spoke in this blog about my definition of success.  Check out my post from week 6.  I find it comforting and assuring to read and re-read part sixteen of the MASTER KEY SYSTEM.  Yes, the material comforts that come with success are great and are ours for the taking, but that is not what we should going after.  It’s not the car, the vacation, the house, or the money,  it’s what we do with what we have learned that really matters.  Are you really making a difference in the lives of others?

quote from Dr. king

 Are you willing to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand?  Hmm,  what a wonderful vocation to be the instrument through which God plays his song!?!

what are you doing for others

Today I received a reflection from a Jesuit Priest, he spoke of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   What a man!!  We should all stop and remember King’s simple greatness, because if you are reading this, you are following in Dr. King’s foot steps.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was one, who allowed God’s breath, God’s spirit to play through him.    He was one who responded to the call of action – the hero’s journey within.  He was a hero– as each of us is to be, if we get out of the way and let the song be God’s song.  King gave  every last breath to this calling.  The result is that King has had a lasting mark on humankind.

dr martin luther king

The lesson for me is pretty simple.  Stay the course, don’t give up or give in, don’t stop believing!

Until next week, say a prayer of gratitude to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Be your own Hero and listen to the greatness that lies within you!


 image from I have a dream speech

Week 15 – The Power of a Word Picture

quote N. Hill

Months ago when I started the Master Key System course with the Mark J., the World’s Laziest Networker, and his wife, the fabulous Davene, we were instructed to write our definite main purpose (DMP) in a 400 word essay format.   This DMP was to be an exact, enthusiastic, clearly defined picture of what we desire to achieve within our life.   The fabulous Davene ended up being my editor and like a true student, I followed her instructions to the letter.   It took a few re-writes, but to this day I love my DMP.

fire in the seat of your soul

Moving forward fifteen weeks later, I read this statement in, THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, by Charles Haanel:

“… word is a thought form, and a sentence is a combination of thought forms, therefore, if we wish our ideal to be beautiful or strong, we must see that the words out of which this temple  will eventually be created are exact, that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.”


WOW, The lights went off, the fireworks went blaring off within my mind, when I came to this paragraph.  OMGoodness!  So this what they meant, I got it!!!!!  

eating a popsicle

Just imagine this, the little kid within me was so excited  it was as if the little kid ran to the ice cream truck on a summer day to buy a Popsicle!  Ah, the simple pleasures in life bring such joy!

When Haanel wrote these words (above) sometime between 1912 to 1917, he had only the power of the word to articulate his thoughts; no email, texting, fax machines, printers, computers, smart phones, ipads, television, DVD players, I’m sure you can think of a few more gadgets I forgot to name.  Odd isn’t it, we have had so many advantages and advances since Haanel wrote these words long ago, but are we any different?   Are we any better off?  I  tend to think many are not.    In fact, maybe civilization may be more  slothful.  Just be an observer and look around, Perhaps,  many people are leading  lives of quiet desperation.  For an example,  How many people do you know use a Webster dictionary anymore?   Most would probably say “NO”, they use the internet.  

library dictionary

 I take heart though, because dear friend if you are reading these  humble words, you are not like the majority, you are marching to the tune of your own drum.    You follow the compass rather than the clock.  Congratulations!  You dear friend are like I,  you have a written DMP and am enthusiastically reading it out loud three times daily and then sitting  silently for 15 minutes or more simply visualizing what this reality looks like.  This experience is simply joy. 

slide 19

There can be no question but that he who “is wise enough to understand”  will readily recognize that the creative power of thought place an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a 

master of destinay

master of destiny.”  (Part 15 #28)

russell crowe

Week 14- My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time

doris Day


To begin this week,  I am taking a little trip down memory lane recalling one of my mother’s favorite songs.  She often played this song on the piano in our home.   Yes, my dreams are getting better all the time!  I will share soon.

However, let me quote from the Master Key System part 14:

” A recognition and understanding of the resources of the subconscious mind will indicate that the only difference between the subconscious and the Universal is of one degree …do you realize that a recognition of this tremendous fact places you in touch with Omnipotence?  The subconscious mind being the connecting link between the Universal Mind and the conscious mind, is it not evident that the conscious mind can consciously suggest thoughts which the subconscious mind will put into action, and as the subconscious is one with the Universal, is not evident that NO limit can be placed upon its activities?”  

minds eye

So many impressions to journal upon!  It seems the further I delve into THE MASTER KEY SYSTEMS  the more fascinating my dreams and thoughts become.  Like others on this journey inward I share this week images of two dreams that I have recalled.  It seems the LAW OF SUBCONSCIOUS is brilliantly at work!

As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and works constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand – accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.

As I proceed, I intend to share within the body of this blog images from two dreams.  Hopefully, I will achieve keeping it simple!

man's red shirt

(1) Red:  As red was apparent in both dreams I recalled this past week, I focused on color.  Red symbolizes force, vigor, courage, intense passion and spirituality.

black slacks

(2) Black:  In one of the dreams my husband was wearing black business casual slacks, so I again, looked at the significance of color.  Black symbolizes an invitation to delve into the unconscious to understand self.  It signifies potential and possibilities.

table with white table cloth

(3) White tablecloth:  To see a table in a dream means social unity and family connections.  Round tables mean evenness, sharing, cooperation, equal rights and opportunities for all.  White symbolizes purity, perfection, peace, dignity, awareness and new beginnings.  White also indicates one may be experiencing a reawakening or developing a fresh outlook on life.

almighty God

(4)  A blank check/money:  to see money in your dreams indicates that success and prosperity within your reach.  Money is equivalent to confidence and self worth.

magic carpet

(5) Magic carpet:  To dream that you are riding a magic carpet indicates that you are overcoming obstacles and physical limitations.

 In the dream the magic carpet was parked in front of a home enclosed within stone walls with iron gates.   Chaos was round about me.  The magic carpet was weighted down with provisions for the journey and unable to be fly quickly.  I had this urgent sense that I must leave quickly for the journey, because the gate would soon close.

blue castle

 The phrase I heard repeated was “LET GO.

Simple isn’t it?  on this journey of self discovery through the Master Key System one only  simply needs to let go of all distractions, burdens and harmful habits.   In other words, let go of the old blue print.  If you this far, you like I have begun the process to let go.  Congratulations dear reader!

key to the universal

May YOUR dreams keep getting better all the time!  Until next week, keep dreaming!


P.S.  Sorry, I couldn’t quite figure out how to embed a you tube link into the post.  I’ll work on that.