Week 3 of Being Self- Directed- Just Thinking

 On this the journey of being a self directed thinker I ponder “community.”

the little rascals

Consider this:


There are those who profess the Resurrection message, but do they really?  My son who has mental illness will not walk into a certain church, because it is there he is treated as if he is  “invisible.”    Is one really living the Resurrection message when they only greet, love or acknowledge a friend?  What of the stranger that passes you by?  What of the elder?  What of the one who is physically handicapped?  What of the person who is mentally ill?

do a little bit of good

Maybe someone who is reading this will do good for one  for another; perhaps even a stranger or one who is “invisible.”

May there be Peace in your Life this day!



Week 1 – Finding a Book with Far More Riches than a Buck!

Laying in bed last evening, I wandered off in thought contemplating , THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM.  Where did I get this book?  The story unfolds.  Several years ago in 2010, I was walking through out a shopping mall  looking to introduce myself to new people, because I was building my name’s list.  I walked into a Border’s book store.  The store was in the midst of a “store closing sale.”  As I rummaged through the $1.00 table, I found hidden from view the book, THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM.”  I read the front and back cover and decided this was a book for me to read.  Little did I know at the time, the challenge that laid ahead.  I made several shallow attempts to read the book, but found it to “heavy” to follow through.  So after several months of sitting by my bedside table, I stuck it on a book shelf.

Moving forward two years later in 2012, I am participating in the Go90Grow program, I am introduced to Napoleon Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH, (I am no stranger to this book, as I had read it in the early 1990’s.)  While participating in this course, I learned Hill had utilized Hannel’s book, THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, has a guide.

My interest was peeked.  If I was going to be a student of Hill’s book, I challenged myself to take up reading Hannel’s, THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM in earnest.

Late in the fall of 2012 I finished THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, I continued searching for books of the law of attraction, read many books, but so many seemed so shallow.

One day out of the clear blue, comes a Go90Grow bonus email from the World’s Laziest Networker, Mark Januszewski about the mastermind alliance scholarship offer.  I  jumped on board and now I’m on the 26 week adventure!

Why am I sharing all this?  because sometimes books, things, people happen in our lives for a reason.  Each time I have picked up THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM deep within there is a intuitive stirring.  I am reading this because The Universal Mind – GOD has a lesson for me to learn.  There is a reason and season for our experiences.   Doors open and close, we must be open minded to see beyond what is.    Don’t know what the lesson is, but when I discover it I will let you know.