Week 19 – The Vital Force

i am the shift

We, within the Master Key System course, were charged within these past two weeks to watch several movies.   The subject of this blog will  be a reflection upon the film, I AM.  

This non-fiction documentary is not only engaging but a transformative film that begins by posing two questions:  “what’s wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better?”

The creative force behind the inquiry is a leading Hollywood director — Tom Shadyac.  Maybe you haven’t heard of him, but I am sure you have heard of these great comedies:  Liar, Liar; Patch Adams, Ace Ventura Pet Detective; Bruce Almighty, and The Nutty Professor.  Shadyac was the creative force behind these hilarious films!   These films afforded Tom with all the Hollywood symbols – glamorous and extravagant jets, cars, mansions, vacations, exotic antiques, but he realized that having more was definitely less.jim carey 

Shadyac remarked; “Much to my surprise, the accumulation of material wealth was a neutral phenomenon, neither good or bad, and certainly did not buy happiness.”  He begins the process of down sizing and works at building a simpler, more responsible life. Until…. a cycling accident. 


In  I AM.  Tom steps in front of the camera to share what happened to him after the severe cycling accident, which left him incapacitated, isolated and in pain for many months.  During this ordeal Shadyac comes to a point welcoming death as a release.  It is at this junction point that he confronts the end of life  issues and the seed I AM is born.  

Miraculously Tom’s symptoms recede and he is able to begin traveling again.  With a small film crew Tom sets out to interview the great minds in the 21st century, scientists, philosophers, religious, historians, and academia.  Initially he looks for the answers to the questions about what is wrong with the world, but actually discovers what is right with the world.

I so thoroughly enthralled with this film;  in fact, there were four points that resonated within me.  Do let me explain.

First and foremost Shadyac shares with us the viewer a discovery that it may be the heartthe heart

rather than the brain that is man’s primary organ of intelligence,  and that human consciousness and emotions can actually impact the physical world.   I enjoyed Shadyac’s humor by illustrating this point  using something as simple as a bowl of yogurt!


Shadyac also highlights his revelation that science in the 21st century is discovering evidence about our hardwiring for connection and kindness from the Vagus nerve which release oxytocin at simply witnessing an act of compassion or kindness.  In addition, science identifies that mirror neuron causes us to literally feel another person’s pain.  This last statement takes my breath away.  Hmm… What I feel is really scientifically validated, after all!vagus nerve

I do think for me, at least, the most significant point I gathered from I AM  follows:  Shadyace reveals through the documentary what science tells us is one of the truths of the universe, as rather simple, but significant message.  We are all connected to each other and to everything around us.  There within us is a connection and unity to smallest ant and the gigantic elephant!  We are  even connected to every tree, every flower, every blade of grass!  

Taiwan trip 002

You and I are connected.  From this I gain a sense of wonderment and awe.  There within each of us we are united.   Through out this week, I have intensely read the following from Charles Haanel:

“And so it is with vital force.  Although we do now know what it is, and possibly may never know, we do know that it is a primary force which magnifies itself through living bodies, and that by  complying with the laws and principles by which it is governed, we can open ourselves to a more abundant inflow of this vital energy, and thus express the highest possible degree of mental, moral and spiritual efficiency.”

In this day and age of massive disconnect with modern technology of i pads, i tablets, i phones and smart phones,  there exists within all of us an invisible thread connecting one to another.  I am grateful to this vital force, this energy, this Infinite Wisdom, this Universal Mind, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Creator, God.  I remain committed to sharing this message.  I pray you dear reader do too!

desmond tutu humanity quote 


9 thoughts on “Week 19 – The Vital Force

  1. jimwarren76 says:

    This was the movie I watched too and was pretty much blown away! I kept thinking of the Universal Mind that the Master Keys keep mentioning. Fascinating stuff!

    • Hi Jim, I found this film to enlightening. It speaks to everything Haanel has articulated. Like you I was blown away and absolutely loved the reinforcement of science. You are so right one, Fascinating Stuff!

  2. Love your line “having more was definitely less.” Indeed there exists within all of us an invisible thread connecting one to another.
    You and I are connected, just just forgotten about that.
    I love Tom Shadyac’s I AM, I learned so much from it.

  3. Arnold Hella says:

    What a beautiful post so well articulated. I am inspired and motivated to watch this movie as a result of your post.

  4. masterkeysls says:

    Excellent post and summary of the movie I also watched. This movie does such an amazing job in directing us to the most meaningful success to lean our ladder against. I almost shudder to think of all I would have missed had I not become a part of MKMMA.

  5. Beautifully said! Thanks for the fabulous read!

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