Week 13 – Emmanuel – God is with Us

The concentration exercise of the week as set forth by Charles Haanel of THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM challenged the reader to:

make use of the principle, recognize the fact that you are part of the whole, and that part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole…. When this tremendous fact begins to permeate your consciousness … you will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which has been placed at your disposal. (Charles Haanel part 13 #26 and #27)

master key system

These exercises each week present a challenge, but  end up being so fruitful.  This exercise has been of no exception.

This past Sunday, December 22nd,  I experienced a moment of the profound presence of God.  I was sitting in church during mass and God showed up brilliantly shining his light and love.  In this moment, I relived the moment I experienced in March, 2008. (Please check my press release to learn more of the dream God planted in my heart.) God assured me that He is in this moment, He is with Us, He provides.   His plan of greatness for our lives,  His plan for His Glory, is for Al (my husband) and I to continue to be a beacon and light and love to consumers of mental illness.    God spoke and said that the Love and Light that shines by our actions, can indeed change the world.  My words fail to articulate this inexplicable moment in time.

god with me

On occasion when I experience this rare phenomena of God’s presence,  I am mindful of what a  Carmelite Nun once said to me,  “… God is making His presence known to me in order to draw me closer to Him.”  I  heard these words in 1999.  I am forever mindful of these words of wisdom in these moments of experiencing God’s presence.


What did I gain from this?  God made himself present with you and I, because He  Loves us.  The Son of God now has become flesh.  The moments of watchful anticipation are over and “The Word has become flesh.”  (John 1:14).   Emmanuel – God is with Us.  Yes, did you read that correctly?!  God is with Us.    We are invited to lay aside all distractions, annoyances, dis-ease  and gather around the manger scene with Mary, Joseph and the infant child, baby Jesus.  Let us savor this moment for “this IS good news of great joy … for all the people.  (Luke 2:10).

I am moved to humility and bow before my Lord, the infant child.  To think, I like others, am born to greatness in order to accomplish HIS will and proclaim HIS glory!the wonders of creation

Just a side note, my son, (who has mental illness), and I were doing the dishes after Christmas dinner last evening.  As we spoke we talked of individuals who were once important to him.  He spoke of the hurt he felt inside, because he has been ignored.  Together, we reviewed the LAW OF FORGIVENESS.  I walked away from the conversation in wonderment.  You know, the Christmas message is meant for ALL people.  All my son was ever looking for was some simple respect and dignity.  The opportunity to be treated as a human being.  He like many others, never asked to have this chain of mental illness hung around his neck.   He did not choose this pathway for his life.    So, the next time, you come across a homeless person, all too many have mental illness, they too, was someone’s daughter or son.  They too, were the child lying in the manger.   Please say a prayer for them and send them your thoughts of LOVE.    

Thoughts impregnated with love become invincible. (Charles Haanel)

blessing from loving!

My prayer for you my dear friend and reader is this:  May 2014 be Glorious, Blessed and Radiant with the Love of God in your life.




Week 12 – Looking for Charles Haanel!

front gate

Perhaps I should be thinking of Christmas, but I took a little journey yesterday.    I traveled to BELLEFONTAINE CEMETERY to look for the Charles  Haanel monument.    Bellefontaine Cemetery has over 87,000 individuals buried there who have created the mosaic of American culture in St. Louis, Missouri.  Founded in 1849, Bellefontaine was the first rural cemetery west of the Mississippi and is of the nation’s finest examples of a garden cemetery.  Bellefontiane reflects and represents the art, sculpture, history and legacy of St. Louis and it’s culture.

stl arch

 Among the 314 acres there are picturesque landscapes via 14 miles of lanes leading to visitors to many notables.  At Bellefontaine one may visit the final resting place of such notables as General William Clark

(Co-captain of the Lewis and Clark Expedition), willian clark 

Susan Blow (founder of the Kindergarten movement), kindergarten

susan blow


Adolphus Busch (Founder of Anheuser Busch Beer Brewery) ,

                                                                Sara Teasdale (First Pulitzer Prize-winning poet),

sara teasdale

Thomas Hart Benton, William Burroughs and……

  1. 115 Civil War officers
  2. 25 Beer Barons
  3. 22 Steamboat captains
  4. 12 U.S. congressmen
  5. 12 St. Louis mayors
  6. 9 Missouri governors
  7. 8 U.S. cabinet members
  8. 5 U.S. senators
  9. 5 Suffragettes
  10. 1 Madam

With some help from the office staff who were very helpful, it was not long before I located the Haanel monument.    Haanel’s burial records were presented to me by the President Mr. Richard Lay of Bellefontaine Cemetery.  Together, Mr. Richard Lay and I swapped stories about Charles Haanel!

vision board 104

The picture you see above is actually an angel.  Haanel had this monument erected in 1904 in memory of his first wife and daughter who died in infancy.  His first wife, Esther,  died in 1904 is buried here.  On one side of this monument you will find a marker indicating the final resting place of the infant child, Edith,  who lived only two years.   Charles Haanel later married Margaret Nicholson.  Haanel had two children with Margaret.  She and the children are buried in the Nicholson family burial plot about !/2 mile away.  Although records are scanty, there is no inscription to indicate the final resting place of Charles Haanel, himself.   Mr.  Lay reviewed the Haanel’s  burial records on behalf.   Apparently Haanel is, in fact, buried here with his first wife.  There is, however, no marker to indicate the location.  It seems from the burial records that Charles Haanel had no living descendants at the time of his death (this is information obtained from his burial record on file in the cemetery office.)

I enjoy looking back in time.  History seems to fascinate me.  Those that gone before us and who made lasting contributions to American culture would have read the works of Charles Haanel.    What are you and I doing? Reading and studying THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, by Charles Haanel.  Together, we will make  a lasting contribution  to  those who come after us.

key to the past

Week 11 – Taking a look back

Eleven weeks have past by and I am still in the  scholarship program for Mark J’s, otherwise known as the WORLD’S LAZIEST NET WORKER,  Master Key System!   Eleven weeks of thinking and articulating multiple times daily the purpose for my life.   Let me ask this, when is the last time YOU thought about what you want out of life for eleven straight weeks?  

we must be willing


The topic of this blog post is more about looking back in order to see what it is I have achieved, thus far.

First and foremost, after participating in the Go90Grow program with Mark J in 2012, I thought I had conquered doubt, negative self talk and lack of confidence.  Participating in the Master Key course, has demonstrated that I needed even more  improvement in this area.  I have persisted and done the exercises and have observed a marked change in self reliance and confidence.  I have found the affirmation, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy,” to be an incredibly powerful boost to my self confidence.   This affirmation has done amazing things to build belief in myself.    I am now certain and uphold within myself the unbridled belief and unwavering faith that I will, in fact, accomplish my goals as set forth in my definite main purpose statement.    Each time negative self talk, a judgement of someone or myself pops into my head, I repeat the affirmation.  I am pleased to report that  the law of substitution is working brilliantly! 

slide 14 slaying dragon

Sometime early in September I eliminated television in the evening hours.  I later went on a diet of absolutely no media for one week.  Interesting experiment!    Every once in awhile now I watch a little television with my family and have come to observe after this long period of no media, that media really does play a large part in shaping your mental outlook on life; in fact, it’s all negative!   Just confirms that LESS IS BEST!

i am a lion

I have noticed that my husband joins me from time to time during the evening hours,  as I do my evening reading of the Og Mandino’s, THE GREATEST SALESMAN IN THE WORLD.  He has told me that  finds comfort and serenity in the readings.    This is great progress!  I enjoy these moments we have together.

og man

It always helps to have objective data on hand in addition to subjective, right?!  My score has dropped six points from the previous test.  My score on the onset was 28, now it’s 22.

Have I achieved the monetary gain necessary to accomplish my goals?  I must be brutally honest and say no, not yet.  But, I am making progress.   ” I will never consider defeat….. I will persist until I succeed.”

To quote Og Mandino,  The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal.  Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road…. So long as there is breath in me, that long will I persist.  For now I know one of the greatest principles of success;  if I persist long enough I will win.”



Week Ten – Visualizing a New Reality as Service

“I will build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.”  Og Mandino

castle 2

This past week with the help of my husband and working in perfect harmony with several others, my vision, as outlined in the press release, took not one but two BIG steps closer to reality.  We were instructed by Mark and Davene of the Master Key System course to add the following sentence to our service cards, “I promise to visualize my new reality daily as a service to others by December 1st.”  At first, I was bewildered and  unclear what this sentence meant.  I’m not totally sure, but let me explain further.  

On Sunday, December 1st, I spent the day preparing a luncheon to be served in my home on Monday, December 2nd.  Monday arrived and each of the 5 members of the “partnership team,” and the PROJECT COPE staff arrived as scheduled.   The partnership team consists of my husband, Al, Gary and Toni E. , Tony B. and myself.  The purpose?  Project Cope staff provided an afternoon of training, so we the partnership team, can more effectively serve  Bradley(see my press release) within this next year.  Project Cope is a non profit agency , providing  faith based re-entry programs in the St. Louis Region.  One congregational based partnership team works with one ex-offender to enable the client to obtain the skills and resources they needed to live stable, independent lives and to become a productive citizens within society.   To learn more of how PROJECT COPE is leading the nation with it’s programs to reduce the recidivism rate among ex-offenders check out their website at: http://www.projcope.org

proj cope

Later in the week, we the partnership team, met with Bradley to finalize goals, solidify agreements and to make plans to address Bradley’s spiritual, physical, financial and emotional needs within the months ahead.    This is not a short term commitment, but will entail weekly communication and interaction among everyone.  

It has been a satisfying and fulfilling week.  Yes, working in perfect harmony, I am LIVING THE DREAM, building a castle  (my definite main purpose) one brick at a time.

I hope you are living your dream, too!