Week 24 – Power Beyond Measure is the Master Key


beethovan and practice

Here within is simply an outpouring of God’s Love and Mercy-

For much of this week I have been silently concentrating upon what it is that actually moves me to tears when I ponder, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s, Moonlight Sonata. (Check out last week’s blog post, as this was my topic.)  Actually the “sit” begins with the piece actually being performed within in my mind. moonligh musical score

I can see the keys on the piano and I can actually hear the music.  After a while, I come to a place of meeting once again that 19 year old woman

kris handbells christmas

  (This is me in my young twenties prepared to perform in hand bell choir.)  who performed Moonlight Sonata long, long ago.  After a while longer I picture my spirit meeting with the spirit of GOD all while the piece is performing in my mind.kingdom of heaven in your heart

My mind then wanders to these words from THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM,   Men have heretofore, generally used the word “God” to indicate this Universal, creative principle; but the word “God” does not convey the right meaning.  Most people understand this word to mean something outside of themselves; while exactly the contrary is the fact.  It is our very life.   Without it we would be dead.  We would cease to exist.  The minute the spirit leaves the body, we are as nothing.  Therefore, spirit is really all there is of us. 

I do know that these words are in fact, truth, because it is at this junction point in the sit I am mindful of my mother’s last moments.  You see I did not make it to her bed side prior to her passing.  I was actually still traveling to her.  Once I arrived to my mother’s room there her body lied and the spirit within her was gone.   1954 Mom with baby kris

(Pictured here is my mother, it is 1954 and she is holding me in her arms. )    Charles Haanel goes on to state:

Now, the only activity which the spirit possesses is the power to think.  Therefore, thought must be creative, because spirit is creative……. When the truth of this statement is realized, understood, and appreciate, you will have come into possession of the Master Key.”

So it is I have come in touch with the spirit within and that spirit has come in touch the Infinite Spirit, the Universal Mind.  This spirit is omnipresent.  It exists in everything.  It exists everywhere.  In other words, there is not place where is not.  It is … Universal.

Funny isn’t it? The spirit of which I have spent 40 years searching for has been there all along.  Right there inside of me.  It has taken these 26 weeks to remove the clutter and cob webs hidden in the deep recesses of the mind.  The truth has been there all along and I can see it clearly now.    I can now truthfully say;  It is not I that doeth the works, but the ‘Father’ that dwelleth within me.  He doeth the works. You will come to know that the “Father” is  the Universal Mind and that He does really and truly dwell within you.

“I will go Lord, if you lead me.  I will hold your people in my heart.”



2 thoughts on “Week 24 – Power Beyond Measure is the Master Key

  1. Simply Beautiful! I love the power of his music as well. We are soo blessed! Thank You!

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