Week 23 – Powerful Beyond Measure

Last week I opened my blog post with a link to meditation you tube link.    Silence, after all, had been the topic and thrust of the week.  The music within this link was Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Opus #27 in C# minor.  Click the link to listen as you read. (Why the picture doesn’t show up I don’t know.)

This piece continues to stir up power beyond measure within me.  Actually this piece is significant as it a piece he composed at a time he was growing increasingly deaf.  Imagine a successful pianist, composer, musician,  losing the ability to hear his own music!!!!  Beethoven would cut off the legs of a piano to have it closer to the floor.  He would then lie on the floor, so he could feel the vibrations of his own music.  Do know this, the music did sing in his heart.  He heard it in his thoughts and mind.  It was the creative power of thought, the vital force, the Infinite Spirit singing to him.


 It is actually quite difficult for me this evening to gain the composure to write what is upon my heart.   As each time I have listened to the Moonlight Sonata I  weep.  beethovan and tear in the eye of a woman

 You see, I am nearing 60 years old, but when I listen to this piece I am the young woman, 19 years old performing this piece.  Yes, I actually performed the first and second movements.  It took well over a year of practicing day in and day out, hours and hours; but, these moments were moments when God truly spoke to me.  These moments of practice were my moments of silence during the chaotic emotional days of young adulthood.  

striving Beethovan

It is when we reach these decade marks of a birthday, we look back,  my birthday is not for another couple months, but this the Master Key System course will draw to a close and yet, another chapter of the book of my life will open up.  When I look back, I see someone, who was never quite satisfied, I see someone who was always seeking, striving, to do more, to be more, BUT, some how, life got in the way with it’s bumps and bruises.   I saw myself doing the awful rowing toward God.    God had a way of opening doors for me when several windows had been shut tight; and once again, I felt like the young woman of 19, but this time I was in the course, the journey through the Master Key System.  master key system

The journey had renewed my spirit and has enabled to set the sails of the course and chart the destination the direction in which my life shall go.  Yes,  I still am rowing toward God.  It’s God’s chart and I set the sails to maneuver the wind of HIS breath.    My tool box is fully equipped, packed  and I am almost ready to go.

beethovan and practice


8 thoughts on “Week 23 – Powerful Beyond Measure

  1. Wow Kris when I read that you had performed this piece (I’m listening to it as I catch up on blog posts 🙂 ) it literally gave me chills. I can only imagine how you felt after accomplishing each note, each key, each piece. How amazing! I can hear the excitement in your post and see that you realize that 60 is just a number. Plus…if you live to be 90 then you still have a GOOD 30 YEARS LEFT! You’re only 2/3 of the way done. Make this last 1/3 the BEST years of your life!!

  2. Congrats on the progress you have made! Love reading others successes.

  3. Vasi Vakil says:

    Love your post Kris ..keep going



  4. Really enjoyed this blog. I too, am setting the sails to catch the wind of His breath. That music will be playing in the new house I am building,

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