Week 12 – Looking for Charles Haanel!

front gate

Perhaps I should be thinking of Christmas, but I took a little journey yesterday.    I traveled to BELLEFONTAINE CEMETERY to look for the Charles  Haanel monument.    Bellefontaine Cemetery has over 87,000 individuals buried there who have created the mosaic of American culture in St. Louis, Missouri.  Founded in 1849, Bellefontaine was the first rural cemetery west of the Mississippi and is of the nation’s finest examples of a garden cemetery.  Bellefontiane reflects and represents the art, sculpture, history and legacy of St. Louis and it’s culture.

stl arch

 Among the 314 acres there are picturesque landscapes via 14 miles of lanes leading to visitors to many notables.  At Bellefontaine one may visit the final resting place of such notables as General William Clark

(Co-captain of the Lewis and Clark Expedition), willian clark 

Susan Blow (founder of the Kindergarten movement), kindergarten

susan blow


Adolphus Busch (Founder of Anheuser Busch Beer Brewery) ,

                                                                Sara Teasdale (First Pulitzer Prize-winning poet),

sara teasdale

Thomas Hart Benton, William Burroughs and……

  1. 115 Civil War officers
  2. 25 Beer Barons
  3. 22 Steamboat captains
  4. 12 U.S. congressmen
  5. 12 St. Louis mayors
  6. 9 Missouri governors
  7. 8 U.S. cabinet members
  8. 5 U.S. senators
  9. 5 Suffragettes
  10. 1 Madam

With some help from the office staff who were very helpful, it was not long before I located the Haanel monument.    Haanel’s burial records were presented to me by the President Mr. Richard Lay of Bellefontaine Cemetery.  Together, Mr. Richard Lay and I swapped stories about Charles Haanel!

vision board 104

The picture you see above is actually an angel.  Haanel had this monument erected in 1904 in memory of his first wife and daughter who died in infancy.  His first wife, Esther,  died in 1904 is buried here.  On one side of this monument you will find a marker indicating the final resting place of the infant child, Edith,  who lived only two years.   Charles Haanel later married Margaret Nicholson.  Haanel had two children with Margaret.  She and the children are buried in the Nicholson family burial plot about !/2 mile away.  Although records are scanty, there is no inscription to indicate the final resting place of Charles Haanel, himself.   Mr.  Lay reviewed the Haanel’s  burial records on behalf.   Apparently Haanel is, in fact, buried here with his first wife.  There is, however, no marker to indicate the location.  It seems from the burial records that Charles Haanel had no living descendants at the time of his death (this is information obtained from his burial record on file in the cemetery office.)

I enjoy looking back in time.  History seems to fascinate me.  Those that gone before us and who made lasting contributions to American culture would have read the works of Charles Haanel.    What are you and I doing? Reading and studying THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM, by Charles Haanel.  Together, we will make  a lasting contribution  to  those who come after us.

key to the past


6 thoughts on “Week 12 – Looking for Charles Haanel!

  1. tomdutta says:

    Kristina, what a treat this is. I really appreciate the history you dug up on Charles Haanel and it gives me a deeper appreciation for the man knowing more about his roots. Wonderful initiative you took to journey to his burial grounds…I am sure that moment in history for you has not yet been defined yet…and it will be as your DMP manifests itself. I am grateful.

  2. Brian says:

    Outstanding Kris! Thank you for the history lesson. I love history myself as we are all a part of it. Making history as we journey toward our future.

  3. Kris, very interesting! I visit my son in grad school in St. Louis and I had no idea about this history. Thank you very much.

  4. Kris, I just figured out I am you neighbor (about 2 hours south on I-55) I would love to get with you and go visit the cemetery. How fun. I did not know this about Haanel. Thank you for sharing. Let’s stay in touch!

    • Hi Michelle; The virtue I am looking for is enthusiasm! Wow, did you make my heart sing when I read your comment. Yes, yes let’s chat. My phone number is: 314-374-8897 (c) or 314-772-1616 (h). my email is: info@keystoyourhealthllc.com. My husband and I are self employed so I can be flexible even though I’m driven (you know what I mean! LOL) Let’s figure out a halfway point to meet at. Excited to await your response! Kris
      PS if you want to come all the way to STL that would be great too. We would probably eat in South City and head to north city to Bellefontaine Cemetary! That would be fun, too-

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