Week Ten – Visualizing a New Reality as Service

“I will build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.”  Og Mandino

castle 2

This past week with the help of my husband and working in perfect harmony with several others, my vision, as outlined in the press release, took not one but two BIG steps closer to reality.  We were instructed by Mark and Davene of the Master Key System course to add the following sentence to our service cards, “I promise to visualize my new reality daily as a service to others by December 1st.”  At first, I was bewildered and  unclear what this sentence meant.  I’m not totally sure, but let me explain further.  

On Sunday, December 1st, I spent the day preparing a luncheon to be served in my home on Monday, December 2nd.  Monday arrived and each of the 5 members of the “partnership team,” and the PROJECT COPE staff arrived as scheduled.   The partnership team consists of my husband, Al, Gary and Toni E. , Tony B. and myself.  The purpose?  Project Cope staff provided an afternoon of training, so we the partnership team, can more effectively serve  Bradley(see my press release) within this next year.  Project Cope is a non profit agency , providing  faith based re-entry programs in the St. Louis Region.  One congregational based partnership team works with one ex-offender to enable the client to obtain the skills and resources they needed to live stable, independent lives and to become a productive citizens within society.   To learn more of how PROJECT COPE is leading the nation with it’s programs to reduce the recidivism rate among ex-offenders check out their website at: http://www.projcope.org

proj cope

Later in the week, we the partnership team, met with Bradley to finalize goals, solidify agreements and to make plans to address Bradley’s spiritual, physical, financial and emotional needs within the months ahead.    This is not a short term commitment, but will entail weekly communication and interaction among everyone.  

It has been a satisfying and fulfilling week.  Yes, working in perfect harmony, I am LIVING THE DREAM, building a castle  (my definite main purpose) one brick at a time.

I hope you are living your dream, too!




3 thoughts on “Week Ten – Visualizing a New Reality as Service

  1. christinacollazo says:

    Good for you Kris! That’s so exciting and encouraging to know you are already seeing your DMP coming true!

  2. Sue says:

    An admirable project, in service to others. Glad to hear how you’re implementing your DMP!

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