Week 7 – The movie poster

 I have been a tad bit behind in completing my honor requirements for the Master Key course.   I just needed to be honest here.   In part, I spent so much time on the press release  that I found it a challenge to complete the shape assignment and the movie poster by targeted date.  But alas, I spent last Sunday re-doing my movie poster (wanted to get it right, because after all it’s the movie of my life).  Once it was done I was profoundly moved.  Almost indescribably, serene peaceful moment.   I included the final paragraph from the press release because these words moved me so.

vision board 002

I congratulated myself and celebrated the moment.    Onward and upward to the next assignment – the shapes.    Read and re-read the directions set forth by Mark and Davene, reviewed the webinar again and plowed forward assigning goals and numbers to the shapes.  I just love this because the shape posters (as I call them) are everywhere.  To protect them I inserted the document in page protector.  I get a chuckle every time I look at them, because I’m not only impacting my sub conscious but the sub conscious of everyone else in my home!!!  I have several in my bedroom and have noticed all four colors coming up in my dreams.  Now this powerful,  I have even received suggestions from my subconscious on how to move my definite main purpose forward.  Mark’s and Davene’s suggestions WORK.   My conclusion;  “STAY THE COURSE.”

slide 19

I hope you will follow the compass instead of the clock!

Have a Blessed Week!



7 thoughts on “Week 7 – The movie poster

  1. Just an added note; absolutely love saying; “Do it Now.”

  2. Nicole W says:

    Congratulations Kris! It’s amazing the effect these exercises are having on me too. Do it now pops into my head all the time – and I do what needs to be done instead of putting it off – great change for me.

  3. Arthur Gause says:

    Love the site design. See you got the poster up. I agree with Liberty. Nothing like being free. Let’s go for it!

  4. alinamk13 says:

    Congratulations on having your subby giving you suggestions. That is a BIG step that I have yet to accomplish. Amazing!

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