Week 5 – Smiling

antennaThis past week in the master key master mind alliance course with the Fabulous Davene and Mark J, the world’s laziest networker, we have been challenged to be an observer.  We have also be challenged to give no opinions. (I’ll write about that some other day.)  Okay, I writing about observing, yet my title of this week’s blog is smiling.  How do I relate the two together?  I have recently returned home to St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A. and have been wearing my observer antennas (see my antennas above!).  Today I will attempt to share with you what I have experienced .

While in Taiwan it seemed everywhere I turned people were smiling,  greeting you or bowing to you.  Everywhere includes going into a department store and being greeted at the entrance with an employee wearing a suit, matching shoes,  hat and white gloves.  This employee would open the door for you, bow and greet you.  One evening I was in a department store planning to enter an elevator.  There standing before me was a young woman dressed in a fine dress, stockings, matching shoes, straw hat and white gloves.  In fact, all the female employees dressed alike. Oh by the way, the attire was so professional looking.   This young woman was cheerfully directing individuals onto an elevator (there are crowds of people everywhere you go in Taiwan).  People moved in and out of the elevator in an orderly and respectfully progression.   Mind you this woman was happy and cheerful in appearance.  She appeared to be happy at her work .  She appeared happy to be of service.

asian person smiling

 Moving forward, here is a description of a picture I have observed this week here in St. Louis. (Just remember this is suppose to be the happy city, because we WERE in the world series.)  I am at the doctor’s office, because I’m fighting a flu bug and I sit down with an individual to register my insurance information.  This woman had long wavy black hair, black fleece top and was relatively overweight.  Not once during our conversation did she acknowledge me or give me direct eye contact.  While processing my information, she was talking to an employee in the next cubicle and snacking on some food.  She never smiled, never said, “please or thank you.”    I attempted to give her compliment or two, but to no avail did she respond favorably.  Oh well, let’s move on.  I then proceed to Walgreens Pharmacy, later in the day to pick up some medication.  I was serviced by two people, only the pharmacist (who I know personally) greeted and interacted with me.  Through out the store, I noticed employees going about their work, with NO smile on their face.

4.20 “Here is the secret of power of mastery.  To overcome does not mean to go without things. …..  We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong.  The Infinite is not bankrupt and we who are the representatives of the Infinite power should not be bankrupt either, and if we wish to be of more service to others we must have the power and more power, but to get it we must give it; we must be of service…… THE MORE WE GIVE THE MORE WE SHALL GET.” Charles Hannel 


What I have learned from these observations this week?  Every act I render is actually an act of service, I challenge my self to complete each act with kindness and love.  Will you join me?

Let me leave you with a few thoughts from Mother Teresa, ” Be kind in your actions.  Do not think that  you are the only one who can do efficient work, work worth showing.  This makes you harsh in your judgement of others who may not have the same talents.  Do your best and trust others do their best.  And be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies….. We will never know how much just a simple smile will do…. Peace begins with a smile.  Smile five times a day at someone you don’t really want to mile at all.”

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2 thoughts on “Week 5 – Smiling

  1. Nicole W says:

    I love that you have been the observer and are using those observations to strengthen your resolve to make a difference. Thank you for the call to service, I join you. The quote from Mother Theresa touches and inspires me ” And be faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies…” Faithfulness to the index cards.

  2. Great observations. I found myself too noticing at people not responding to a compliment or a smile. Then i silently prayed for them to have peace in mind and a great day. It felt awesome. Like the person indeed received this positive vibe. I am sooooo grateful for this course and all the people in it. Thanks for sharing.

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