Week 4 – Life little celebrations in a service card

Thus far it has been an amazing week, discovering insights in the “little things.”  When we imagine celebrations we often think of the big ones – weddings, holidays, Christmas, birthdays.  Celebrations can actually be found right here in this moment – the little moments.

One of the requirements in the master key mastermind alliance has been to create service cards (formerly identified as chore cards).   First, you list the chore/service you will complete for the week and the date you will complete the service.   With a colored pencil one either adds a blue rectangle, green triangle, red circle or yellow square.  Each service listed for the given week must be one you can have complete control over, meaning  the service does not require the assistance of another.    This is done on the lined side of an index card.  At the top you write the phrase, ” I promise to.”  At the bottom write, “I always keep my promises”  Sign your name.  On the reverse side write at the top, “I promise to manifest.”  In the center write down  your personal pivotal needs, my PPN’s are liberty and recognition for creative expression, (refer to Napoleon Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH.)  At the bottom write, “I always keep my promises.”  Sign your name.  Once this was done,  read out loud this card with unbridled enthusiasm three times daily.

Now here is the amazing thing I have gained, as I am doing this “service”  I feel  like I am in the midst of a celebration.  I feel like I’m watching the dawn of a new day.  I feel like a kid opening a Christmas present.    It is all so exhilarating and exciting.

It reminds me of the experiences I once had as a Kindergarten teacher.  I sum it as follows:  “Kindergarten Teachers make the ordinary seem like the extraordinary.”

I pray you will find the extraordinary in the ordinary this coming week!


dawn photo


5 thoughts on “Week 4 – Life little celebrations in a service card

  1. Amazing metaphors and feelings. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the ceremony of small celebrations !

  2. Love the comparison to a Christmas present. Each day is packed with many of these—some we give and some we receive. Really good blog this week.

  3. Nicole W says:

    You have shown me the way to look at the service – a celebration of life and what we can accomplish. Thank you!

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