Week 3 – A Random of Act of Kindness

“… I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism, by developing love for all humanity, because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.”  Napoleon HIll.

On this day, I am writing to you from the beautiful country of Taiwan.  It has been a thrilling experience thus far, with many fascinating insights and epiphanies. 

I have without fail ( well almost) remained true to the honor requirements of the master-key alliance, learning to visualize my heart’s desire even in a busy train station!  During this past week, aspects of the self-confidence formula as written in Napoleon Hill’s, THINK AND GROW RICH,  have come into my  life.  The experience follows.

One morning I am sitting in a hotel restaurant eating breakfast with my husband.  I observe a Chinese family exiting an elevator near by.  Within in this family group is a very elderly and frail looking gentleman and his wife.  The table next to us was suitable to seat a large party  (it was the only table near by for a large group), and was occupied by a group of gentlemen in the 40’s and 50’s.  Two waitresses approached the table of gentlemen and almost immediately these individuals got up and proceeded to another table in the restaurant.  Moments later the table is cleared and reset with new linens and crystal.  Much to my amazement the elderly gentleman and his wife were promptly seated.  Almost immediately the female waitresses and other women (probably daughters) served food and drink from the buffet to the elderly couple.

I was moved by this experience because as an American, I have observed so much neglect of human life, neglect of elders.  It seems Americans are missing a moral compass.  One can see many have forgotten to honor elders.   Respect for human life is often missing.  Sometimes, it seems that it’s “all about me.”  Not I.  This experience has renewed my committment to “… to develop love for all humanity. ”

Days later, my daughter and I are walking down a staircase to enter a train station.  An elderly couple was walking down the staircase carrying a heavy piece of luggage.   In a blink of an eye, I witnessed my daughter walking toward the couple, speaking in Chinese she offers to carry their luggage down the staircase.  Yes, I was a proud mother; but, more importantly, I was humbled by this moment.  There she was offering love in a random of act kindness.   

So with a grateful heart, I propose the following:   Join me in giving a gesture of love  in a random act of kindness to some stranger this day.     All we really need is Love.




4 thoughts on “Week 3 – A Random of Act of Kindness

  1. Thanks for sharing the experience. This attitude you describe was tought to me as a child and today that i read your post i recall the moments i acted like your daughter. Brought a sweet tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing .

    • I am so grateful you have left a comment, I have not been successful in connecting to you via the blog address from the mastermind Alliance. I really look forward to be reading and commenting on your blog. It sounds like you and I are kindred spirits! Until next time, Blessings!

  2. The far eastern culture of giving face, saving face, care for elders etc is something the West could learn much from.

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